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Release Friday July 22, 2022
Artist Rory, RAAHiiM & Shantel May

Not Me

Genre R&B
Label Avant Garden
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This project started out as a way to find new talent in the R&B space and collaborate with them. Rory started by supporting talent on his platform and then moved into making his own playlists with original music. That eventually led him into the studio where he spent the last 3 years carefully curating, producing, and writing an album.

Rory's first release, 'I WANT YOU BUT OU'LL NEVER KNOW..' ft. Shelly FKA DRAM and Alex Isley has garnered over 250k streams in the first week.

Rory is formerly of the Joe Budden Podcast and now the co-host of one of the most popular podcasts in the world, New Rory & MAL, with millions of listeners per month.

The music project is a coming together of the podcast and Rory's love for music from hosting talent on the podcast to now creating from scratch with them in the studio.

Rory's involvement with Avant Garden and management of Emotional Oranges made the partnership with Avant Garden a natural fit.


Press: Vulture