• "All That" + Channel Tres
  • "Bonafide" + Chiiild
  • "Body & Soul" + Biig Piig
  • (04.14) "Down To Miami" + Becky G
  • (05.07) EP Release


Juicebox will capture the essence of our childhoods. The feeling of refreshing yourself with a tasty juice box on a hot day while you hang with your best friends and listen to the top tracks of the season. The art concepts will replicate juice cartons and cereal boxes of bright design, flashy text and cartoon characters. A + V will be the main characters and each featured artist will have their own cartoon.


We will create photo shoots that replicate some of our favorite feel good movies that pair well with a box of juice.


The campaign videos will be humorous attempts of the featured artists making unique cocktails in kitchen settings. The music videos will pay homage to classic videos from artists like Kelis, Missy Elliott and Whitney Houston while using effects like shooting through water and darkened mirrors.