A video in which the main subject is dreaming up a future while preparing to leave town (Montréal). 

He begins to get paranoid that ghosts (the fears of himself and others represented by shadows or police types) are after him, so he starts to pack in a panic. He then spirals into doubts and fears and begins to sink into the ground getting paralyzed by the weight of it all. 

At the end of the first chorus he looks back and realizes for the first time that it was his mind playing games. 

Leading into the next chorus, he’s at a bar having his final drink while chatting with the bartender. As the chorus hits, he starts falling back in slow motion from his stool.

The shot transitions into a car chase where those same ghosts are now chasing him in circles, but he find a turn that leads him out and on his way (to the next life.) 


The car from 'Better Luck in the Next Life' pulls up to the hotel valet and the viewer takes notice of all that glitters and the beauty of this new place. Yoni hands over the keys and lets his inner child go on a bender. 

Idea that your senses heightened you submit to everything that is in front of you.

(It would be nice to reference a handful of character’s from other films and have them as part of the thrill.)

Other thoughts  

Cycling between your adult state and child state , Slow motion shots take you into a room filled with everyone binging on tangerines and letting their inner children out. It gets darker the longer you stay at this event. Starts off as a sunny party into a blade like rave where you start to sweat orange and it all gets distorted. 


LA is not not what you thought it was - broken promises and darkness. It's a graveyard of broken dreams.

Multiple individual story lines come together in the same room at the end of the video. (A workplace of sorts). Everyone moved to LALA land with a dream, an idea of how things were going to go. I want to find a way to communicate the various emotions you go through on the pursuit of happiness. Main Character will pay nod to the film in his styling choice. We take a look at their individual paths.

(Possible Outcomes)
- On the brink of giving up but finding your joy in something simple
- Feeling defeated and facing your family and friends when you moved back but they celebrate your whether the world has or not.